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Apple and Dove is very excited to offer a special way you can give back to the local community. A Love Bloom jar is a small, yet beautiful mini bouquet that can bring joy and life to any room. The fun part about these is that they are refillable! Initally purchased for $10, they can be refilled in our store any time for only $5!


But why stop there? The "Love Blooms" Community Giveback Program allows you to spread this joy even further. Each week, Apple and Dove wants to partner with you to give these special bouquets to various parts of the community that can use some joy in their lives. To take part, you purchase a Love Blooms bouquet for only $5 and Apple and Dove will pay the other half. Then, each Friday, we will deliver the bouquets donated that week to a different part of our community. 


Week 1: Education

Week 2: First Responders

Week 3: Health Care

Week 4: Nursing Homes & Hospice Centers


You choose which week you would like your donation to go to and we will take care of the rest!

“Love Blooms” Community Giveback Program-DONATION ONLY