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let's grow together.

The Nashville Cut Flower Collective is a vibrant community of local flower farmers working together and cheering each other on! Rooted in unity, we cultivate not just blooms but connections, supporting one another through a shared passion for sustainable, locally-grown flowers.


In our collective, each stem tells a story of dedication and collaboration. We nurture our blooms side by side, fostering a network that goes beyond petals and stems. Supporting each other, networking, sourcing and celebrating wins in just a part of this amazing group of talented farmers. By embracing local growth, we celebrate the unique beauty of our region while reducing carbon footprints, ensuring fresher, longer-lasting flowers, and supporting our local economy, while also being able to provide the best quality flowers our customers and clients can find. 


At the heart of our collective lies a commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem for local flower cultivation. Together, we believe in the power of supporting local businesses, connecting with the community, and cultivating a sustainable future—one bloom at a time. Join us in celebrating the beauty and significance of locally-grown flowers, where every petal holds a piece of our collective spirit. There is a place for everyone at the table and cultivating a beautiful community of local growers will only enhance awareness around the magic of homegrown, beautiful flowers. 


If you are a commercial flower farmer and would like to join, please email for more information.

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