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Farm Sitting

A trusted set of hands while you are away

Services we provide

Apple and Dove is a Licensed and Insured farm sitting company.

Boy Carrying Goat

Single Visit


Starting at $50

Includes up to 60 Minute Visit: Feeding, Watering, Animal Checkup, Turnout, Stall Clean or Prep.

Optional: Dog, Cat, or Domestic animal pet checks.


Two Visits


Starting at $100

Feeding, Watering, Turnout, Stall Clean or Prep  Optional: Dog, Cat, or Domestic animal checks. 

Vegetable Farm



Starting at $135/day

Includes daily, evening, off hour, and extended day care for horses and farm animals, as well as dogs, cats, domestic animals, and home care.

Cat Nibble

Cats, Dogs,

Indoor Animals

Starting at $30 per Visit

Pet check for dogs, cats, birds, and all domestic animals. Includes: Feeding, watering, playtimes, and walking. 

Pet Hamster

Small Indoor Pets


Starting at $30 per visit

Have small creatures inside? We have experience with lizards, snakes, birds, insects and more! We can feed the exotics as well as the common. Fish need care too, so we can ensure that the aquatic life is fresh and vibrant while you are away!

A blue house surrounded by nature




Starting at $30 per visit

Protect your investment! We can check on your home as well. Even if you don't have pets, we can care for your home by rotating lights, watering the plants, checking the mail, and making sure the garbage goes out on time. No one will know you're gone. 


Understanding the challenges of leaving a working farm behind for a vacation or to tend to other commitments, we recognize that the needs of your animals surpass the capabilities of a standard pet sitter. This is where we come in. With extensive experience in handling large animals and managing agricultural settings, we're well-equipped to tend to your cows, horses, goats, chickens, pigs, and other farm animals while you are away. Trust us to take care of your farm's requirements while you take a well-deserved break!

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